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            Longyan double solid fine chemical solutions for industrial manufacturing many with advanced products and systems. Strong customer focus, excellent product quality, positive innovation spirit promoted the development of double solid adhesive. By customers and maintain close communication, double solid adhesive technologies have to save energy and raw materials, reduce the weight of goods, thinner substrate bonding etc., in the continuous improvement of industrial products and manufacturing processes also play important role, in the technology research, product development, testing and application of sales support aspect and the customer and common development. Dual solid adhesive for many different applications of specialized R & D and manufacturing of unique features of the product, to create value for the customer to provide a guarantee.
            This is the reason for the continuous development and use of the dual solid adhesive which is easy to use and has high quality adhesive products.
            The company is located in Longyan City, Chinese, company in the country with a sales office and technical service network, products and services to meet growing customer demand.
            Customers and employees is our survival and development source, stable and reliable products, innovative research and application is closely related to service perfect is the key to the success of our business.